Uniflex pipe organ FAQ

Organ Spec for Uniflex configuration table

I’ve attached a couple of documents, one is an example of a spec I can work from as long as the rest of the information asked for in the other requirements document is provided.  I prefer a spreadsheet, but a Word doc is fine too.

Don’t limit yourself to just what I’ve asked for; if there’s something you think is unusual and I haven’t asked for it, include it along with a little explanation of what it is.

For example, the spec I’ve attached turns out to have a double complement of traps.  Most of the traps are duplicated between enclosed and unenclosed, but there are also about a half-dozen that exist in one place or the other.  The client has a single stop which selects whether you get the enclosed or unenclosed set. For those that aren’t duplicated, you get “it is what it is.”  He didn’t enumerate which was which on this spec, so I asked him for a listing which he provided.  If I hadn’t caught that, I wouldn’t have provided enough units and controls to do what he needs to do, and we’d have faced a good bit of additional work to reconfigure.


3-21 Wurlitzer Specification




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Exciting new service – refurbished computers with Genuine Windows©

Many of the potential Comprehension Engineering clients are small businesses that are in the manufacturing business Many of them could ask Comprehension Engineering to help automate there processes.

As an added service, Comprehension Engineering has begun to offer high value refurbished computers with genuine Windows© installed. Most of these computers will be Dell computers because of the reliability and they will have Windows 7© installed because of its compatibility with many engineering application software. Other computers and Windows© versions will be selected depending on customers needs.

Please see Contact us to ask for a quote.

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The purpose of Comprehension Engineering

Mark Weber is concentrating on helping clients be more successful with their production. He uses data collected on the production line to build a database of failures. These failures are aggregated into groups. The Pareto chart of these groups indicates the most costly failures and the most egregious group is submitted for failure analysis. Failure analysis results in design changes or screening that improves production yield. Throughout this process Mr. Weber uses six sigma tools to help understand the nuances of the data. His Masters degree in Electrical Engineering helps him design and implement specialized test equipment to monitor production problems. His experience in multiple engineering disciplines allows him to understand many different production scenarios and help comprehend solutions.

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